PCB stands firm on Bangladesh tour of Pakistan


The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is under hot waters after the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) ‘s stance regarding the Bangladesh cricket team’s visit to Pakistan.

According to the sources, the PCB wrote a letter to the BCB for not making a full visit, and the letter has taken a very strong stand as Bangladesh has no strong arguments to response to the position of the Pakistani board.

The Bangladesh Board has not yet responded to the letter to PCB. The letter states that a complete visit to Bangladesh would be in violation of the approved security plan.

Pakistan have asked BCB that If two teams from Bangladesh can come to Pakistan, why not the senior team? However, PCB expects a full tour of the Bangladesh cricket team for Pakistan. This year, two teams from Bangladesh have toured Pakistan. Under-16 and the women’s teams played their matches.

It may be recalled that recently the BCB had expressed its desire to play the T20 series only on the tour of Pakistan,on which Pakistan is deeply concerned and disturbed.