PCB ‘surprised’ on Rixon’s ‘unfounded’ allegations

PCB 'surprised' on Rixon's 'unfounded' allegations

Pakistan Cricket Board (Pakistan Cricket Board) responded to Steve Rixon’s comments regarding board’s lack of professionalism and his relation with them, calling it disappointment.

PCB told that the board always had healthy relationship with all the former foreign coaches, including the former fielding coach Steve Rixon.

Steve Rixon had improved Pakistan’s fielding by leaps and bounds and they did not see these comments coming from him.

“Mr. Steve Rixon was a good coach who worked hard with the players and certainly helped improve team’s fielding in the last two years. It comes as a surprise to us that Mr. Rixon made unfounded allegations against PCB,” the official statement read.

PCB have strongly denied Rixon’s words and they have full support for the foreign coaching staff.

“The PCB strongly refutes the allegations made by Mr. Rixon in his interview, the foreign coaching staff has full backing and support of the board,” the official reply read.