PCB to take Yasir’s case to court


The Pakistan cricket board has decided to plead the case of Yasir Shah in court after a detailed and careful discussion with the medical and legal panel.

The PCB will not be conducting a test on the B sample of Yasir Shah and now the legal team will take over the case so that the minimum possible ban is handed to Yasir Shah. Yasir had already accepted that he had taken some drugs unintentionally which caused the dope test to come out positive which is why his case was not strong enough.

On the issue coach Waqar Younis said that Pakistan team will most definitely miss Yasir Shah but one should be prepared for all possible contingencies.

Waqar Younis also said that Mohammad Amir was very young when he committed that crime and so sympathies of the nation are with him and he even mentioned that Brendon McCullum has also rose in support of the youngster before the series.

The deadline to appeal against Yasir’s suspension is 12th of January.

Yasir Shah is in Trouble by arynews

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