PCB turns down players’ request to allow their families to stay with them

Shukriya Pakistan

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman, Shahryar Khan has turned down players’ request to allow their family to stay with them till the end of the third test match at Edgbaston.

The board allowed the players to take their family on the tour till the end of second test, however, after winning the first test at Lord’s, some senior players requested the team manager, Intikhab Alam, to allow their families to stay with them for another test match.

“They asked Intikhab to get approval from the board that they could have their families stay with them until the third Test although the agreement was that the families would return home after the second test,” one source told PTI.

The players also asked the board to bear the expanses of their families’ boarding-lodging and travelling expanses, on which Shahryar Khan consulted with his advisers, who advised him not to approve the request.

“But the PCB Chairman, Shaharyar Khan who is in England at the moment after consulting his aides has turned down this demand from the players,” the source added.

As per a close source, Shahryar Khan was under pressure after the first test to let players’ wife and kids, but, the debacle at Old Trafford, he went on with the advice of his advisers.

“The board’s point of view is that given the importance of the tour the players needed to focus on their cricket and could only have their families for the first two Tests,” he stated.

As Pakistan plays their home series in UAE, players stay away from home for longer periods of time so it affects them negatively due to home sick factor.