PCB’s Generosity… Opens Treasures for Cricketers


PCB has announced to reward national cricketer team on best performance. Previous Central Contract  formula 2013 has become effective.  Team and Individual players to get bonuses, Opportunity awaits players to earn up to million on every outstanding performance.

In Test matches the players could earn Rs. 325,000 for hitting a century and Rs. 575,000 for a double century.

Taking 5 or more wickets in an innings could fetch approx: Rs. 325,000 and on 10 wickets Rs. 1.1 million rupees or more, amount to be transferred to player’s account. Match and series win Bonus is also announced by PCB. Initially the Board had  offered to double monthly emoluments instead of bonuses but finally it was agreed to revive the 2 year old system. As compared to the past,  an increase of 10 to 15% has been done.

According to details the National cricketers Central contract ended on 31st March and was extended till 30th June. Negotiations continued between the players and the Board for quite some time and the matter ended on a very pleasant note. Sources say the Board had offered an option to the team representatives Misbaul Haq and Azhar Ali to double their monthly emoluments instead of bonuses, they agreed to some extent but some of the senior players objected. Since PCB is spending billions of rupees in the super league and millions would be dished out to foreign cricketers so it has been decided to reward our own cricketers.

Bonuses  seized sometimes earlier will be continued, Teams and players wining match or series based on their outstanding individual or collective  performance can earn up to millions of rupees. According to the new contract a player can earn approx: Rs 125,000 per inning taking 4 catches.

If a wicket keeper takes 5 catches or stumps in an innings he will be rewarded approx: Rs. 225,000, besides the official Man of the Match, the Board’s committee will also select one best player for each event and will give him more than Rs. 150,000, similarly the board will give  Rs. 325,000 to the best player of the series. In ODI if the team management considers scoring a half century as an extra ordinary performance, the player will earn approx: Rs. 125,000.

On making a century Rs. 325,000 rupees and on 150 runs Rs. 575,000 will be rewarded, bowler gets Rs 225,000 on taking 5 wickets, any fielder gets the same amount in taking 5 catches so will the wicket keeper, if it includes stumping as well,  he will get an additional Rs. 125,000 rupees. Man of the Match nominated by the Board committee will get approx: Rs. 180,000 and Man of the Series Rs. 325,000.

In T 20 international, scoring 50 runs will fetch 65 thousand rupees, century approx: Rs. 180,000 and 150 runs Rs. 275,000. Bowlers taking 5 wickets and fielders taking 5 catches get Rs. 125,000  respectively. Wicket keeper taking 5 catches or stumps gets Rs. 175,000

PCB’s Man of the match will get 80 thousand rupees and Man of the series will be given Rs. 175,000. Similarly 250% bonus will be given to win series against India or the top 3 ICC ranking teams. Playing other teams the amount  will reduce to 100%. A 300% bonus awaits players winning  ICC or ACC events.