Peshawar Zalmi World XI likely to play in Pakistan


Peshawar Zalmi World XI will play a couple of matches in different cities of Pakistan in the following year as an effort to bring back international cricket in the country and paint a positive image of Pakistan in front of the cricket fraternity.

The owner of Peshawar Zalmi, Javed Afridi, talked to BBC and told them that the World XI team of Peshawar Zalmi will include other international cricketers along with the foreigner stars of the PSL team. These matches will be hosted by different cities and the schedule of these historical contests will be announced soon.

Javed Afridi, who is working tirelessly to bring back glory of Pakistan cricket, claimed that he talked to different international cricketers during the first season of the PSL and every one of them was willing play in Pakistan and play his role in resuming international cricket activities in the country.

He further told in his interview that he talked to Darren Sammy after West Indies refused to visit Pakistan for a short tour. The West Indian star told him that had they taken cricketers in confidence before talking to the board, they might have convinced WICB to send the team.

Afridi also uttered some words on the inclusion of the sixth team in the PSL, according to him, it was decided earlier that the first two to three seasons will only feature five teams, however, he personally wants a sixth team, Kashmir, in the tournament.

Najam Sethi claimed earlier in the annual PCB meeting that PSL has been a huge success and all the franchises have earned more revenue than their expectations. But, Afridi said otherwise, he said franchises in the first season undoubtedly have suffered loss, but, the PSL has the potential to become a huge profitable industry for Pakistan. Government needs to revisit their tax policies for the PSL as owners as well as the local and foreign players have to pay 25 to 30 percent of their earning in taxes.


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