PFF provides financial assistance to players affected due to COVID-19


Karachi: The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Normalisation Committee announced on Wednesday that as many as 50 deserving current and former football players will be receiving Rs. 50,000 each from the organization as part of the Covid Relief Fund.

PFF NC confirmed that 30 players have already received the amount and the others will also receive it in the upcoming days.

PFF Normalisation Committee formed a COVID Relief Fund Committee in August, comprising Mohammad Ajmal, Sardar Rauf, Col. Younus Changezi, Col. Karim Ahmad Shah, and Qibtiya Jamshed.

The five-member committee role was to recommend and select names of former and current football players (men and women) who have been significantly affected financially due to the coronavirus pandemic (and some former players who are otherwise in financial difficulties).

The Fund was created from existing PFF funds and Committee in consultation with PFF was assigned to identify 50 deserving players. The PFF appointed independent Committee members to avoid politicization of the process.

“As promised, the Pakistan Football Federation Normalisation Committee has fulfilled its responsibility to assist former and current football players financially in these tough times triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic,” said PFF NC Chairman Humza Khan.

“The well-being of football players is one of PFF’s top priorities and this is only the beginning,” he added.

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