PHF dismiss Naveed Alam as director domestic and development


The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has sacked Naveed Alam from the post of the director of domestic and development due to giving statements against the federation.

According to the PHF they have warned him on various occasions but he kept on defaming the status of the federation.

Earlier, Naveed was issued a show-cause notice over this issue.

The PHF further demanded Naveed to return the amount of Rs 145,000 as he is no more a part of the federation.

Naveed who is a former Olympian, earlier claimed that the PHF has not been working in a proper way under the set-up led by Khalid Sajjad Khokhar.

He also claimed that the secretary PHF Shahbaz Ahmed is involved in corruption and also coined him as the only man behind Hockey’s downfall in the country.

According to Naveed, Shahbaz inherited the culture of like and dislike in the federation and always give the post to his people.

He also asserted that his post will also be given to the one who is in the good book of Shahbaz.

It is worthy to mention here that Naveed served as the PHF’s Associate secretary in 2005 and also worked with Pakistan Hockey Association (PHA) from 2005 to 2007 as Secretary.