PHF imposes ban on Islamabad’s Tiger Club for human trafficking


The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has banned Tiger Club, an affiliated hockey club of the Islamabad Hockey Association (IHA) due to its alleged involvement in human trafficking.

“We’ve imposed ban on Tiger Club and now it will not be able to participate or hold any event till the probe is completed,” retired Brig Khalid Sajjad Khokhar, PHF President while addressing a press conference on Thursday.

The banned hockey club hosted an indoor tournament in Islamabad with the help of some people that were supposedly involved in human trafficking.

Some days back, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) forwarded copy to the PHF that contained the complaints about some of the individuals that are linked to the Tiger Club are involved in human trafficking.

“We’ve also issued a warning letter to IHA and directed it to investigate the matter and submit a report to us at the earliest,” he said.

Retired Brig Khalid Sajjad Khokhar told that the federation allowed IHA to hold the event, but, they were not involved in conducting the event by any means.

“We’ve received the request for this event through our affiliated unit (IHA). Indoor hockey in Pakistan is relatively a new concept. I was invited at the concluding ceremony of that event and I distributed prizes among the players. But till that time I did not know anything which have surfaced now,” he claimed.

After this incident, the federation has decided to supervise every hockey event in the country, no matter at what level it is being played.

The President shared PHF’s plans of reviving hockey that they will lay small astro turf in different parts of the country. The federation will regularize hockey activities at school and club levels. The PHF also intends to set up academies in those parts of the country which are known for producing talented players.

He told the governments funds are carefully spent on setting up training camps and team tours, the money released by government is a trust and belong to players, so they spend it on those players.

He also uttered some words on the first domestic hockey league, he told, “Work on the professional league is in progress and soon it will be given final touches. We [in this regard] are in touch with foreign players, including Europeans.”

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