PHF organizes multiple events to celebrate Olympic week


Lahore: PHF inaugurates the multiple events program to celebrate Olympic week. The event started with a match between two teams of under 14 girls which was an exciting experience for them playing in front of a good crowd. They received lot of encouragement and applause from the spectators. The event which moved everyone was the participation of special children gathered from different institutions of Lahore and they were delighted to play hockey with former Olympians one by one at the National hockey stadium. At this occasion they were very happy to receive hockey sticks as a gift from the Pakistan Hockey Federation.

An exhibition match was also played between former Olympians, International and national players which included prominent Olympian players like Tahir Zaman, Khawaja Junaid and Usman Sheikh all World Cup winners. The Sports board employees also participated in the exhibition match and received lot of applause from the crowd which ended in a draw 2-2.

On this occasion PHF’s secretary Shahbaz senior while speaking to the media said “similar events will take place during the Olympic week and you’ll witness people from the media, former Olympians and showbiz celebrities playing hockey.” He said the Five-a-side hockey tournament is successfully proceeding ahead and we hope to achieve our objective for which it was organized. Pakistan hockey has gone down since the past few years and we have started putting all efforts for its revival and we hope to succeed in regaining our previous glorious position.

Shahbaz senior said “We want to build such an infra structure which doesn’t allow our national game to face problems once again. We are also thankful to the government which is playing its role for the uplift of our national game.”

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