PHF plans to lay 100 mini synthetic turfs in schools all around Pakistan

Shukriya Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: As Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) is looking to encourage hockey activities at the grass root level, the federation has announced to lay 100 mini synthetic turfs at schools in different parts of Pakistan.

Former Olympian and current PHF Director Development and Domestic, Naveed Alam, told APP “We are collecting data from schools, and expect completion in the last week of July. The first phase of the project is in its final stage. With regards to this, the PHF has asked the provincial associations to inform all schools in question about this project.”

As per Alam, the plan will include around 500 schools around the country and the project is likely to be completed in a year.

“We will be taking recommendations from provincial, district associations regarding this plan and then the schools which take a keen interest in this project will be taken on priority,” he said.

Schools will be selected with the cooperation of of regional and district bodies. He further stated that the PHF will prefer government schools as they usually have ample space, where these mini turfs can be laid.

“Private schools will also be facilitated depends on the space they have available,” he told.