PHF to depend on fresh blood now


The Pakistan Hockey Federation will look to rely on the fresh blood after the successful campaign in the SAF Games.

Previously, the PHF heavily begged on experienced hockey players and kept trying the same old players that become the reason of poor performance by Pakistani hockey team. As per some reports, the focus of senior players was mainly on the different hockey leagues playing all around the globe, which first got Pakistan out of the world cup and then the Olympics. Now, Pakistan has to go through the highly competitive 2017 qualifying round to qualify for the 2018 mega event.

The consistent poor performance from the team kept changing the officials, but, the main culprits, players remain the same. The impressive performance in the recent SAF games from young players have encouraged the officials to retain them for the future games as well.


The think tank of PHF believes that better results can be attained in the near future by encourage new lot of players. This is why, a trial in Lala Ayub Stadium is scheduled on 20th February. The plan is to collect around 100 talented hockey players from all around the country through different trial camps and then send them to Islamabad. After giving training to those selected players, 30 to 35 players will be short listed and the final squad is likely to be selected from those players.

The selected squad will fly to Malaysia to take part in the Azlan Shah hockey tournament. The PHF officials are looking to take players on board, who can serve the Pakistani hockey team for the next 4 to 5 years at least.

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