PHF’s hockey league may face some legal obstacles


LAHORE: The PHF’s plans to hold the first hockey league of Pakistan may face some troubles as a private organization has filed a petition in Islamabad High Court over the process of procurement opted by the hockey federation.

As per reports, the Pakistan Hockey Federation has already awarded consortium to a local investor who has been involved in domestic T20 cricket tournaments and as per sources the same investor is the owner of a franchise of the Pakistan Super League.

As per the petition, the procurement process opted by the Pakistan Hockey Federation was just to satisfy some of the formalities and it didn’t have much of an importance.

There has been just a single bid received and there was very little interest, adding some other reasons as well, the tendering process has been scrapped.

On the other hand, the president of Pakistan Hockey Federation, retired Brig Sajjad Khokhar has assured Dawn News that the league will take place as per schedule and the petition filed will not affect the plan.

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