‘We have plans to resume ‘Khiladi Ki Khoj” Mr Salman Iqbal


Karachi: Karachi Kings’ owner Mr. Salman Iqbal aims to resume their biggest talent hunt program ‘Khiladi Ki Khoj’ probably this year once the ongoing coronavirus epidemic dies down. 

Speaking to reporters via video conference, Mr. Salman said that they just took a temporary gap from their talent hunt program and ‘Karachi Kai Shahzade’ tournament but they are planning to resume them as soon as possible.

“I think these programs helped plenty of youngsters to show their skills and come in limelight. We haven’t finished it but due to some reasons, we just took a break from it. Once we get free from coronavirus, we will plan to resume not only Khiladi Ki Khoj and Karachi Kai Shahzade tournament but some other programs too,” he said.

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Karachi Kings’ epic show in PSL 5

Mr. Salman is satisfied-cum-happy with his team’s performance at the group stage of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 5 and is confident for the completion of the tournament later sometime this year.

“See, this year the feeling was quite different from the very start. When we went for the draft, we had Dean Jones, Wasim Akram, Imad Wasim three of them with us. Their presence and involvement were keen at that time and I don’t know why but there was a feeling that Karachi Kings will be different this time around, and exactly the same happened,” he said.

Sharjeel Khan’s comeback

Mr. Salman put weight on left-handed batsman SHarjeel Khan’s return to the national team after completing his punishment.

“I think he is not the first player to make a comeback after a ban,” he said. “I believe he is a match-winner and can turn games on his day. He needs to work a little more on his fitness otherwise he deserves a comeback,” he added.

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Crazy Karachiites 

Kings’ owner thanked fans for their blissful support throughout the PSL which has made the franchise a brand in the only cricketing league of Pakistan. “I think fans are the real strength. We are honored to have such support and love from the people,” he maintained.

“I still remember the crowd when we did the team launch event before the first edition of the PSL at National Stadium Karachi. I and my father were speechless after watching more than 25,000 people chanting ‘Karachi, Karachi’. Such support is the strength of our team and our league,” he said.

Lahore-Karachi rivalry

“I don’t think there is any rivalry between the two cities, it is just to create excitement. See, this is the beauty of cricket when people rout for their teams at their full and create such rivalries just to enjoy the game and nothing else,” Salman said.

‘Multan was brilliant’

Mr. Salman rated Multanis on top when it comes to showing support for cricket. Multan’s crowd inspired Kings’ owner the most.

“I have never seen as enthusiastic crowd anywhere in the world as in Multan. They were amazing and they literally gave the meaning to what cricket is for Pakistan,” he said.

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