Play with full bat and don’t slash the ball: Rashid Latif


Karachi: The ball bounces on Australian pitches and when Pakistan batsmen face India in their World Cup opener on February 15 at Adelaide Oval, they must play shots with full bat and just don’t try to slash the ball, feels former Pakistan skipper Rashid Latif.

“The ball will bounce on those pitches and the batsmen should go for shots with full bat and just don’t try to slash the ball and expect it to clear the boundary… Because it will not clear the boundary rather it would edge and caught by the wicket-keeper or fielders at slip,” Rashid told reporters at National Stadium.

“Moreover, our batsmen don’t restrict their shot when ball bounces more, the way Sachin Tendulkar restricts his bat when a ball bounces. It reduces the chances of an edge. But our batsmen just go for a full shot even if a ball has bounced a bit more than expected. They should avoid that also,” said Rashid, who used to keep wickets for Pakistan.

Rashid brushed the idea that India was now in a better position for February 15 encounter after playing their warm-up match against Australia at Adelaide Oval – the venue of Pakistan and India clash.

“The Sydney Cricket Ground is bigger than Adelaide Oval and I think it will not make a difference that India has played at Adelaide Oval while Pakistan has played elsewhere. In fact, I feel Pakistan will be in a better position as they might feel a bit more at ease going for big shots in Adelaide Oval,” he explained.

He further said that he hopes Pakistan win the match and break World Cup jinx at Adelaide Oval tomorrow against India but added that overall India stands a better chance.

“Their bowling might not be good but their batting-line always performs. And (Ajinkya) Rahane will be the player to watch during the match. I rate him above Virat Kohli,” he said.