Players blame system, lack of facilities for Hockey World Cup debacle

Players blame system, lack of facilities for Hockey World Cup debacle

Pakistan team returned from India on Thursday after a disappointing show in the Hockey World Cup, where they failed to win a single match and just managed a draw against Malaysia.

Pakistan started off their campaign with a defeat against Canada by 1-0, which was followed by a drawn game by 1-1 against Malaysia.

The Men in Green suffered a thumping loss against the Netherlands by 5-1, though they were able to qualify for the next round. However, they faced Belgium in the next round, who ran over Pakistan with a 5-0 victory.

As Pakistan team returned home, players blamed the system and lack of facilities for their horrendous performance in the World Cup.

“Our performance was very disappointing,” said Ammad Shakeel Butt. “You know in what circumstances we trained, I don’t think our training was of that level, we had fitness problems and on top of that we got a tough pool, we worked as hard as possible.”

Butt mentioned that there is a huge difference in the standards of hockey played by other teams and the game played by Pakistan.

“We should improve, fitness level should be improved, there is a big difference between our performance and other teams’ performance,” he said. “It will take time to reduce that difference between the standards. There is a lack of facilities and funds unless these issues are resolved we cannot put up good shows.”

Mohammad Tauseeq echoed Butt’s reservations and said that teams from Europe and even India are products of strong structures, to build a competent team, the domestic circuit has to be improved.

“If we have to compete against the world, we have to work hard on our hockey,” he said. “Let alone European teams, even India has a much better system, we call them arch rivals, but their structure is strong with a decent league in their system where their players play alongside world-class foreign athletes,” he added.