Pakistani domestic players will hurt financially if English season cancelled


Karachi: As English domestic season is postponed due to coronavirus pandemic, several Pakistani cricketers will also get hurt financially because of their association with league cricket and some of them are also coaching for different clubs in England.

Pakistani domestic cricketers travel to England for full seasons because they are not part of the domestic teams in Pakistan that allow them to earn between £4,500 and £15,000.

Mansoor Amjad, one of the prominent name who is active in the English circuit while talking to ESPNcricinfo revealed that it will have a massive impact as it is their livelihood for quite some time now.

“It will have a trickle-down effect, For years, players like me who probably haven’t got a future with the national team play league cricket in England. It has been our livelihood and with this coronavirus pandemic we won’t able to travel to England to fulfill our contracts,” he said.

“The number of players playing league cricket might have come down over the years because of inconsistent Pakistan domestic scheduling, but there are still over 30-40 cricketers making money from playing in the UK,” he added.

He also emphasized that it will be the learning curve for the National cricket board to understand the importance of cricket for players’ livelihoods as players lost jobs after revamped Pakistan’s domestic cricket structure.

“There were so many players who lost their job after the new structure and now this pandemic took away our alternatives, too. There are so many other young players who had been relying heavily on playing in these leagues. Now they have nothing either at home or abroad.” he maintained.

It must be noted that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has also decided not to issue NOC for Ramadan cricket across the country.

The decision was taken while considering the current situation around the world due to widely-spread Coronavirus. The cricket board added that they don’t want to organize any cricket activity before the current issue settles down.

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