Players sign document supporting Mohammad Amir


The Pakistan Cricket Board have made it impossible for players to boycott playing with Mohammad Amir by making them sign a document that purports that they will have no objection playing with the tainted fast bowler.

According to reports the Pakistan cricketers have signed a document which makes it legally binding for all players to play alongside Mohammad Amir in the future and if any players goes against this he will be fined up to 2 million rupees.

“The document, which has now been signed by everyone including Hafeez and Azhar, puts the PCB in a legally strong position and if any player now refuses to play with Amir or any other spot-fixing punished player he can be fined up to two million rupees,” the PTI source said.

On this occasion Amir said that if any player doe not feel comfortable playing with him in the team he will leave the camp but fortunately for him everyone rose in his support and even Mohammad Hafeez hugged and forgave him.

“Amir said if anyone felt he didn’t deserve a second chance he would leave the camp straightaway as he didn’t want any more damage caused to the spirit and unity of Pakistan cricket.

“Hafeez also got emotional and hugged him and said everything was forgiven.”

Mohammad Amir

In the latest development PCB chairman has also convinced ODI skipper Azhar Ali to remain as captain of the side after reports stated that he had presented his resignation letter on Amir’s inclusion in the training camp and possible induction in the international team.

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