Playing against Amir is not a major concern


New Zealand bowling coach Dimitri Mascarenhas has no worries whatsoever playing alongside tainted fast bowler Mohammad Amir because he believes that he has paid for his crimes and now cleared to play international cricket.

He added that decisions such as these are made by the top authorities which is why he is just another bowler they have to deal with while facing Pakistan in the upcoming series.

“We leave the decisions up to the administrators,” he said. “We know that Amir’s a very good bowler and he’s another guy we’re going to have to deal with. It’s pretty much as simple as that for us.”

“He’s done his time and been cleared to play,” Mascarenhas said. “So we’ll just get on with it and play against him.”

The three match T20 series between Pakistan and New Zealand begins on the 15th of January which will be followed by a three match ODI series.

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