PM Khan orders IPC for immediate forensic audit of PHF


The Prime Minister Imran Khan took notice of Pakistan exclusion from FIH Pro Hockey League (PHL) due to Pakistan Hockey Federation’s (PHF) negligence.

Khan on Friday gave powers to Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) to take bold steps to mend the thing in the PHF’s set up. The IPC was ordered to call an immediate meeting to discuss this issue which indeed is harming the status of Pakistan.

The president of PHF Khalid Sajjad Khokhar attended the meeting and gave his verdict on PHF’s role in the debacle of hockey in the country. Khokhar blamed the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) for not providing a place to stage a training camp ahead of the PHL.

It merits mentioning here that the FIH suspended Pakistan from the first phase of the PHL after PHF informed their unavailability for the event due to lack of funds.

In reply to PHF’s president, the DG PSB Khaqan Babar said that the hockey federation enjoyed all powers during their reign and now blaming the PSB for no reason.

“They took joy rides and spent funds for their comforts so they are answerable for the demise of hockey, not us,” Babar said in the meeting.

The secretary IPC Akbar Durrani asked the PHF’s president to mend their ways to run the federation otherwise step down as president.

The meeting also decides to conduct an immediate forensic audit of the PHF for last three years. The federation will go through the tough process of accountability.