‘Focus, no excuse, a lot of passion,’ Maryam Nasim shares her mantra of success

Maryam Naseem

Maryam Nasim, the Pakistani athlete power-lifter, shared ‘focus, no excuse and a lot of passion’ as the formula of success. She recently won a silver medal in 57-kg category weightlifting competition in Melbourne.

Maryam is originally from Peshawar but currently, she is based in Melbourne, Australia.

There’s a folk tale about Pakistani women that they are not allowed to go out and do jobs, especially when it comes to any sport, but Maryam has completely changed this point of view and has become a role model for every Pakistani woman.


Maryam started her journey in weight-lifting from teenage, where she struggled a lot as she was overweight. She decided to lose weight and minimized her diet on two apples a day, which became the turning point in her life.

She went to Australia for her education where she used to live in a university hostel, her roommates inspired her a lot as all of them were super jock. In Australia, she learned more about fitness and weight lifting that dragged her to become a power-lifter.

After completing her graduation in accounting, she studied about fitness and bodybuilding and finally decided to become an athlete. She observed that Australia has a very rich culture of sports, many other athletes come from different countries.


There is an interesting thing about Maryam that she works full-time in a bank as she has completed her education in the field of accounting. Despite a hectic routine,  Maryam trains herself really hard, after leaving from work she goes for her training that shows her devotion and dedication towards her goal.

According to her, western countries have a negative mindset about Pakistani women that urges her to represent Pakistan in the field of power-lifting.

Talking exclusively to ARY, Young power-lifter shared her training scheduled, “I train four times a week, each time I train myself for three hours, as I compete in the 57-kg category so I just need to maintain my weight which is not a difficult task, I eat whatever I want to”, she said.

“My family is very supportive, they support me in every prospect of life. Besides this, my family care for me a lot especially my mother, she was quite worried when I started weight-lifting but slowly and gradually she realized that it is my passion and it is not harmful to me,” she said.

“My parents support me a lot because they know that whatever I do, I do it with good intentions and it made my journey very easy”, she added.

She shared a very interesting incident where her grandfather saw a video of her on the internet and he thought that she is doing it for the sake of making some money.

“My Grand-father once saw the video on social media of my weight-lifting, he called my mother and asked that If she needs money you should help her but then my mother explained him about my passion in detail”.

There was no particular reason that Maryam chose power-lifting as a sport, it’s just that she was so passionate about fitness and she was surrounded by a couple of athletes which involved her in power-lifting.


It was quite time-taking for Maryam to be perfect in power-lifting as she describes herself an impatient girl who always wants rapid results. Her coach helped her to sustain her strength and to keep tolerance which was the most difficult part for her.

Moreover, she said that power-lifting taught her so many things including mental and physical tolerance. “It gives me positive vibes and I never even think to quit”, she added.

KPK girl also shared her views about the recent competition, “It was absolutely an amazing experience because at the day of competition you learn a lot of things from other athletes, they inspire you and you feel motivated, the whole environment was great,” she said


This was the second time that she participated in any competition where she stood at the second spot in the competition.

“I was totally blank at the time of competition, but later on, I realized that I’ve achieved something and I was quite happy”, she shared her feelings after winning the silver medal.

She hired a coach for her professional training at the end of February this year. So far she has competed in two competitions and now willing to take part in an upcoming competition in December.

People gave her positive feedback and encouraged her to pursue her career in power-lifting.

Young power-lifter wants to educate people about fitness, She works as a personal trainer at a gym in Melbourne and she also writes blogs on fitness and wellbeing, where she gives awareness to the people about fitness.

Regarding her future goal, Maryam said, “My future goal is to represent Pakistan as a power-lifter on international level one day, that is the only goal I have in my life right now”.