Premier League to be part of Pakistan Football League with club partnerships


Karachi: English Premier League (EPL) clubs are reportedly getting involved in country’s new franchise competition ‘Pakistan Football League’ (PFL) by potentially twinning the teams.

PFL is expected to launch next year with sides from the cities of Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Islamabad, Peshawar and Multan.

According to Daily Mail, six teams will each form partnerships with an English club and could even adopt the same colors and nicknames as their Premier League counterparts.

The six Premier League clubs involved are still to be confirmed but it is understood advanced talks are taking place with at least one of the ‘Big Six’, as well as teams from areas with a high Asian population.

Premier League sides hope the partnerships can help them grow their brands and fanbases in a largely untapped market. They also plan to use the twinning to try to engage with their own local Asian community.

The Pakistan teams will benefit by being able to tap into the expertise of their Premier League partners and potentially spend time at their training facilities.

It will happen for the first time where a group of English clubs would be linked to another league.

Earlier, PFL announced former English player Michael Owen as the ambassador. He will reveal the PFL logo from the home of football in England in October.

He is also scheduled to visit Pakistan to run a series of football masterclasses and formally unveil The PFL

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