Pride of Pakistan: Syed Saeed Meer

Syed Saeed Meer

ARY Sports is paying tribute to all Pakistan’s sporting heroes on the country’s 70th Independence Day that made the country proud. Today we want to pay homage to the tennis legend Syed Saeed Meer, who was probably the first tennis star of the country.

Syed Saeed Meer was considered to be one of the fastest servers during his playing days, he represented Pakistan in Wimbledon, US Open, French Open and other international events.

Meer was born in Meerut on 25 November 1947. Since childhood, he was very agile and like the majority of the subcontinent children, he also liked playing cricket.

Syed Saeed Meer did not pick up a tennis racquet till he was 16 years old. But, when he joined a tennis academy, he soon started to blossom as a tennis player.

Soon he started beating the best players of the city and then he began to play with the best players of the country and dominating them.

When he had ruled local tennis players, he was all set to represent Pakistan at the international stage in 1966.

Using the limited available facilities in Pakistan and training extremely hard, Meer nearly perfected his serve. During a campaign of Swiss Open, he emerged as the fastest server of the world and soon got the attention of international media.

The Pakistani tennis star played 1973 Wimbledon as the 73rd ranked player in the world, which was his highest career ranking.

After getting retired from competitive tennis, he started coaching young players of the country in his academy called Saeed Meer Academy, which was the go to place for all budding tennis players of Karachi.

The great Syed Saeed Meer is still alive and resides with his family in Karachi. However, he is struggling with some health problems.