PSB names Shah Hussain for the flag bearer

Shukriya Pakistan

Shah Hussain, the judoka from Pakistan will lead the seven-athlete squad of Pakistan by bearing the national flag in the Rio Olympics, Akhtar Ganjera, the director of Pakistan Sports Board told Dawn News.

Pakistan hockey team’s captain has usually been the flag bearer for Pakistan through the years, but, this time the hockey team failed to qualify and the PSB had to chose a flag bearer.

PSB has chosen Shah Hussain, who is the son of Pakisan’s legendary boxer Hussain Shah, the boxer to win a medal for Pakistan in the mega sporting event.

Shah got the entry in Olympics event on continental quota, however, he also won a gold medal in the Asian Games held in Shillong, India, earlier this year.

Shah will look to carry on the legacy of his father and will try to win a medal for his country. Hussain Shah, who is now based in Japan, won a bronze medal in 1988 Seoul Olympics.

It is the first time that Pakistan’s hockey team has failed to qualify for Olympics, most of the seven athlete representing Pakistan have got entry either through wildcard or continental quota.

Pakistan has two swimmers, Lianna Swan and Haris Bandey, two shooters, Ghulam Mustafa and Minhal Sohail and two sprinters in squad.