PSL-2017 anthem brings fans to life

PSL 2017 anthem beefs up fans’ excitement
Ali Zafar

The second season of Pakistan Super League (PSL) is just almost a month away and the ‘Rockstar’, Ali Zafar has once again came up with an attractive theme song.

Ali Zafar has come up with “Ab khel jamega” after the successful theme song for the first edition “Ab Khel ke dikha”. The song that is all about the excitement for the upcoming edition of the PSL and the successful inaugural season of the league.

Pakistan Super League was making the hype on social media for the song through teasers of the tune and it seems like it will make the cricket fanatics of the country dance again.

The singer is grateful that he was chosen again to write, compose and sing the song for the league.

“I am honoured to have been chosen to write, compose and perform the anthem again this year,” he said.

He also told that people must have high expectations from him after the kind of song he sung for the first edition of the PSL.

“After last time’s phenomenal response I assume the expectations for this year must be that much higher. Therefore I have tried to make a song that’s fun, and not only celebrates the success of last year’s achievement but which anticipates what’s in store for the year to come,” he added.

Here is the complete excitement boosting song for the PSL 2017.