“I would question if IPL replaces T20 World Cup’ Alan Border


Melbourne: Former Australian cricketer Alan Border called Indian Premier League (IPL) just a ‘money grab’ and doesn’t want the Indian league to be played in place of ICC T20 World Cup later this year. 

Speaking to ABC’s Grandstand Cafe radio program, Border said that India shouldn’t be looking forward to such a step despite their major financial share in cricket.

“Since India is contributing the lion’s share in the ICC’s revenue but if IPL takes precedence over T20 World Cup, it would be going down the wrong path,” he opined.

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The former cricketer said that he would question if somehow IPL takes place instead of the mega event. “I am not happy with that. The world game should take precedence over local competition. So, the World T20, if that can’t go ahead, I don’t think the IPL can go ahead. I would question that decision, it’s just a money grab, isn’t it, that one?” he said.

It must be noted here that there are speculations that IPL’s 13th edition, which was postponed due to prevailing COVID-19, will take place in October-November if ICC T20 World Cup gets postponed in Australia.

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