Rafa Nadal confident ahead of ATP world tour finals


The Spaniard Rafael Nadal is the undisputed king of play and a 14 time grand slam winner. He has been struggling to win titles after suffering from injuries but the dip in form lasted longer than usual this time.

In the Swiss Indoors ATP tournament held in Basel, Rafa Nadal showed glimpses of his old form as he knocked out all his opponents in a seemingly tough draw and all his matches were three set thrillers but unfortunately the maestro from Spain was not able to cross the final hurdle and lost his arch rival Roger Federer. The duo had clashed after almost two years and so the tennis fans were excited to see who comes out on top this time around.

Rafael Nadal booked his place into the ATP world tour finals through this tournament but the Rafa was not worried about not qualifying this year as he talked to media after the tournament ended (Quotes via AFP)

“I always believed that I was going to be in the top eight at the end of the season,”

“I’m humble enough to say, ‘If I keep playing bad, it’s probably going to be trouble,’ but I had the feeling in some moments that I was going to play better.

“I always thought that I was going to qualify, but a few months ago I was not enjoying (my tennis).”

“I believe my level is to be there in the top eight, So even if I had the tough moments this year, the year is long, and the normal thing is you have some good weeks to qualify for it (London).”

“I’m enjoying (being) on court,” he explained. “I don’t have that nerves that I had during the season. Doesn’t matter if I lose, I win, but I am enjoying (being) on court, I am enjoying (being) on (the) practise court, so I’m going to be there (in London)..”

The ATP world tour finals are scheduled to take place from the 15th to the 22nd of November at the O2 in London.