Ramiz Raja asks PCB to revamp club cricket too


Pakistan’s former cricketer and renowned cricket commentator Ramiz Raja thinks the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) needs to revamp club cricket too along with the first-class system.

In an exclusive talk with ARY Sports, Ramiz lamented the lack of concentration at club level which leads to criticism on First-Class cricket.

“We have seen people criticizing First-Class but nobody focuses on how to make club cricket strong. There is a dire need to concentrate on Club level, the backbone of any cricket system,” Raja said.

The cricketer-turned-commentator raised concerns over the infrastructure for club level cricket while highlighting that Lahore, a city of over 11.13 million population, only has four grounds that allow cricketers to wear spikes.

“I have recently come to know about Lahore having just four grounds allowing cricketers to wear spikes. I don’t know about Karachi but the same poor grounds’ situation is in Rawalpindi and Islamabad,

“See, you need to make quality pitches, bring in competition and put energetic efforts to make your club level cricket strong. Once you succeed in this, talent will start coming forefront,” he said.

Talking about the revival of international cricket in Pakistan, Raja appreciated the efforts of stakeholders. “These are the baby steps that have paid off well for all the hard work. However, it is good to see the ICC’s support in this regard. There is still a lot to do to maintain the balance ahead,” he concluded.

It must be noted here that Sri Lanka is currently in Karachi to play the second Test of the two-match series against Pakistan. The metropolis is staging a Test after a decade.