Ramiz Raja recalls playing memories with Javed Miandad


Karachi: Cricketer-turned-Commentator Ramiz Raja praised Javed Miandad while recalling playing memories with one of the greatest batsmen Pakistan has ever produced. 

Raja shared some fond memories with Miandad and also the experience of spending time in the dressing room with him. He called him aggressive, clever, determined and skilled.

“He [Miandad] was skilled and knew the game very well. I mean playing with him was one of the highlights of my career. Javed Bhai kept on guiding me throughout, sometimes it was annoying because you don’t want to be taught every time but his every tip had something to offer for sure,” former cricketer shared.

Raja also recalled some funny incidents of Miandad doing sledging on opponents to divert their attention. Meanwhile, he also termed the right-handed batsman the first Asian cricketer to adopt sledging.

“I still remember, in the 1992 World Cup, we were playing against New Zealand in our last group match, a must-win game for us. Danny Morrison was in-form having bagged two wickets off just 11 runs. I and Javed Bhai were on the crease and he was continuously bowling short to us and once he hit Javed Bhai on hand which made him quite angry,” he recalled.

“In next over of him, I was on strike and Javed Bhai came to me and asked to pull him for four because I was good at it. I agreed but what I saw, Javed Bhai was provoking Morrison to ball short continuously. On the next ball, I went to Javed Bhai and asked him what he was doing so he said ‘Don’t worry I am just diverting his attention, you just play your game’. It happened exactly what Javed Bhai told me, Morrison bowled short and I struck him for four. So, this is what Javed Bhai was capable of,” he added.

Raja also highlighted the performance of Miandad on Pakistan tour to West Indies. “I saw him play bowlers like Courtney Walsh, Curtly Ambrose and Patrick Patterson with such ease. He knew exactly how to face them and still, he is remembered for those innings against one of the deadliest sides of that time,” he concluded.

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