Ramiz Raja suggests changes in rain, bad light rules


Lahore: Cricketer-turned-commentator Ramiz Raja thinks that rain and bad light rules in test cricket needs a slight change to favor the game.

Taking to Twitter, Raja suggested a few changes in rain, bad light rules and asked cricket followers if they agree with him.

“Rain & bad light rule need to be revisited. Loss of play up to six hours in a test should allow an additional day to be added to get a result. In bad light, if a team wants to use a fast bowler it can but with a rider to not bowl a bouncer. Play to continue in light drizzle. Agree?” he wrote.

Ramiz’s tweet came after a frustrating second Test ended in a draw. Rain dominated three days and play couldn’t be possible out there. With second Test being drawn, England leads three matches Test series 1-0.

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