Ramiz Raja suggests to squeeze pitch size to help bowlers after COVID-19


Karachi: Former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja has suggested squeezing the size of the pitch in order to help the bowlers after the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

The renowned commentator thinks that the bowlers will face difficulty once the cricket will resumes as they will be stopped from shinning the ball through saliva.

“Let’s try to examine things after the coronavirus ends. Bowlers will not be able to apply saliva as it is not corona friendly. They also might not shine the ball with the help of trousers because the virus stays on the clothes as well. In this case, reverse swing will completely be discarded from the Test cricket,” he said in a video.

“Most of the bowlers’ performances depend on reverse swing and it is an essential art in elite format of the game,” he added.

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The 57-year-old thinks that cricket will not be as much attractive because of the balance between the bat and ball will be gone.

“If reverse swing starts to fade away and to create a balance between bat and ball we might consider squeezing the size of the pitch into 20 yards instead of 22. If batting becomes very easy, then there will be no energy left in cricket,” he maintained.

Ramiz also emphasized that if the enthusiasm does not remain the same then we might see players getting retire early.

It must be noted that the Covid-19 pandemic has effected almost all sports around the world. The cricketing world is also at standstill. Numerous series and tournaments have been postponed and canceled.

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