Rashid Latif’s toss video sparks controversy


Pakistan’s former wicket keeper Rashid Latif has raised serious concerns over the toss in cricket, which is a vital part of the game, through a video message on his Facebook account.

Rashid Latif said that there was a time when cricket matches were broadcast using one or two camera’s but now technology has changed and 26-30 camera’s are used for proper production and telecast of matches. He pointed out that although everything is shown live for instance the crowd, ball to ball details, dressing room and so on but one thing that is not explicitly shown is the toss. He added that whenever the coin is tossed it is not shown whether the the coin landed as a head or tail.

Rashid Latif pointed out that during the recently concluded T20 world cup in India 90% of the toss was won by captain who called head’s which is surprising. In order to strengthen his point of view Rashid Latif also showed a coin used in international matches which seemed the same from both sides which is why he has asked the ICC to reveal the coin after every match and clear this controversy.

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