WATCH: Rashid Naseem registers 62nd Guinness World Record for Pakistan


Karachi: Martial Artist Rashid Naseem, who has been unemployed for 7 months, registers his 62nd Guinness World Record for Pakistan.

Rashid broke the record of breaking most clay sporting targets with punch strikes. In one minute, he punched 62 clay and the record was achieved by Rashid on November 18, 2020, in Karachi.

He set his 62nd World Record on the birthday of the Guinness World Records while his academy set the 77th overall world record. The previous world record was of smashing 42 clay in one minute.

Guinness contacted and made a special request to Rashid to celebrate Guinness World Record Day.

Meanwhile, Rashid said that due to unfavorable conditions and losing his job for 7 months, it has become difficult to set more records.

“I am unemployed for the last seven months due to COVID-19 but still I am setting world records for Pakistan,” he said.

“I have set 17 world records in 2020 and my aim is to register 100 records for Pakistan but if my financial situation does not improve, I may stop making records and no longer be able to serve Pakistan,” he added.

He urged the government to immediately turned their attention towards him so he can achieve 100 Guinness World Records for Pakistan.

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