WATCH: Rashid Naseem registers another record, dedicates to Ali Sadpara


Karachi: Martial Artist Rashid Naseem has registered one more record to his name and has dedicated it to missing mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara.

In an attempt of removing cards between the bottles, Rashid took out 19 cards with Nunchaku from the middle in one minute without dropping the bottle.

The previous record was held by China’s Kung Fu Master Xie Desheng, who took out 14 cards. It is Rashid’s 65th Guinness World Record.

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To pay tribute to mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara and to express his love and salute to his courage, he dedicated this world record to the hero of Pakistan.

Rashid also claimed the best fitness record by punching 378 times against 334. This record was included in the list of the best records in history. This record was made by Paul Troso of Slovakia.

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