Rashid Naseem’s two world records included in Guinness ‘Best of 2020’


Karachi: Martial Artist Rashid Naseem’s two records have been included in the video of Guinness World Records ‘Best of 2020’.

Guinness World Records released a video on its social media platform in which the best records were included which were made this year.

Rashid defeated India by breaking 256 walnuts with the help of an elbow and had broken them within 60 seconds. He broke the record of India’s Pabhakar Reddy who had broken 229 walnuts.

The second record included in the video was of Rashid where he broke 62 clay sporting targets with punch strikes. For this, Guinness specially contacted him on their birthday to break the previous record.

Rashid has registered 20 world records for Pakistan in 2020 but he is still waiting to receive appreciation from the government.

It must be noted that he has 63 world records while his academy has set 77 records for Pakistan in Guinness

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