Rashid registers another Guinness World Record for Pakistan


Karachi: Martial Artist Rashid Naseem’s one more record was approved on the birthday of Guinness World Records.

It was Rashid’s 63rd individual record while it was the 19th overall record for Pakistan in the year 2020. Rashid has also received the official confirmation via e-mail.

“The most martial arts kicks in three minutes while wearing 5 kg ankle weights (one leg) is 131 and was achieved by Muhammad Rashid (Pakistan), in Karachi, Pakistan, on 18 November 2020,” Guinness World Records said in a statement.

The previous world record was 100 kicks in three minutes while wearing 5 KG weights on the ankle.

Rashid was recently conferred the title of Bruce Lee of Pakistan by the organization. He was specially approached by Guinness to break world records on their birthday. Rashid had made three records on this occasion out of which two records have been approved so far.

Last month, he broke the record of breaking most clay sporting targets with punch strikes. In one minute, he punched 62 clay.

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