Rashid’s walnut crushing record rated on top by Guinness World Records


The Guinness World Records website on Tuesday named five strength records from 2018 with Pakistan’s Mohammad Rashid leading the list.

Rasid, hailing from Karachi, crushed 284 walnuts by hand in a minute to set up a world record on July 15. This record has been coined as the most heartwrenching record of the year.

“Our first record is smashing –  quite literally. Serial record holder Muhammad Rashid (Pakistan) attempted a fist-clenching record on 15 July, setting a new record for most walnuts crushed by the hand in one minute in Karachi” the website read.

Earlier, Rashid had also crushed 49 walnuts by the head in a minute which also got praised by the Guinness World Records and rated as another eye-watering record in the world.

Rashid has the records of most spins of a fire staff in a minute and most drinks cans crushed with the elbow, under his belt.

It is pertinent to mention here that Rashid has so far claimed 35 world records in Guinness World Book and aiming to complete a half-century very soon.