Record holder martial artist, Bodla to help women with self-defense


Pakistan’s six times Guiness World Record Holder, Ahmad Amin Bodla is looking to help women in the society by teaching them simple and effective tricks of self-defense.

The martial artist from Lahore is planning a two-week-long self defense program for women, he is likely to launch it later this year in August.

Bodla, who has just has just made his way into the Guiness Book of World Record for the sixth time for his incredible feat of landing most kicks in a three minute time with 801 kicks, is making efforts to make this art a part of common people’s life.

Ahmad Amin Bodla, who is a son of retired Brigadier, tried to rectify the common perception about martial arts while talking to Express Tribune, “Martial arts are not about picking fights, neither it’s just about flying kicks,” he added, “I feel it’s critical for every individual to be physically fit and to be acquainted with the basics of self-defence techniques at least.”

The young martial artist, who is also a student of computer science at University of Lahore, has got the permission to hold martial arts sessions for women later this year in the university.

Bodla is expecting at least 50 to 100 women to attend the opening sessions of those pilot classes, he first want to teach women as they face numerous threats.

Ahmad Amin Bodla is a well respected martial artist all around the globe, the martial artist said, “I’m in contact with different martial artists who I’m friends with, as I want this program to reach Karachi and Islamabad as well. For Lahore, my university director has allowed me to start the training sessions later this year.”

The young Pakistani martial artist claimed that people are unaware of the concept of self-defense. He has been working on different techniques for the purpose of teaching. Bodla wants to teach martial arts as a part of life, rather than just a sports as the majority of the institutes does.

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