Reserve days could be reconsidered for men’s T20 World Cup semi-finals


Sydney: Cricket Australia (CA) is all set to give an idea of having reserve days for the knockout stages of this year’s ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.

The tournament organizers are keen to have the reserve days for semi-finals, which are scheduled to be hosted in Sydney on November 11 and in Adelaide on November 12. The Reserve day of the final is already allocated if the rain interrupts the day.

The debate occurred after the semi-final of women’s T20 World Cup between India and England was washed out while the second semi-final between Australia and South Africa was also damaged by the rain.

The organization’s Cricket Committee is scheduled to meet where playing conditions will be discussed before they are formally signed-off by the ICC’s Chief Executives Committee (CEC) later in the year.

Any of ICC’s member boards wish to suggest changes to playing conditions, they will have the opportunity to do so at the CEC gathering, although it’s very rare for standard playing conditions to be revised at that stage.

“There’s always cause for reflection at the end of any tournament or any season, in terms of how you approach future tournaments,” CA Chief Executive Kevin Roberts told

“In saying that, there will be people who suggest there should be semi-final reserve days for the men’s. But I’m not sure how the English women’s team would feel about that, not having had a reserve day in their leg of the tournament,” he added.

“I would imagine the playing conditions are in place for the women’s and men’s events within this tournament (in 2020) and can be discussed and considered after that’s completed,” he maintained.

“Typically, the playing conditions are determined before a tournament starts and we’ve got two events here – women’s and men’s – within the one tournament, albeit staged at different times of the year,” Roberts added.

The tournament is scheduled to start on October 24th with hosts Australia taking on Pakistan at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG).