Reverse Swing has become a science now, says Misbah

Shukriya Pakistan

KENNINGTON: Pakistan’s test skipper, Misbah Ul Haq believes that ball tampering is an essential component for reverse swing, however, there are some legitimate methods that teams use to scuff up the ball.

England exhibited great skills of reverse swing in the third test match against Pakistan just after the lunch of Day 5, Pakistan were 78/1 and went down to 125/7 in no time. There were allegations put on English bowlers of ball tampering.

However, Misbah has denied to comment on and said that he is no one to judge it, umpires and match referee are the one responsible for that.

“We were concerned about how it [the reverse swing on the fifth day] happened just after lunch,” he said. “However, the umpires and the match referee are there and I am not in a place to judge. The game is over and the credit should be given to the English team for the way they bowled and got us out.”

Misbah told that there are legal methods of ball tampering as well, “There are legal methods of taking care of the ball so that is reverse swings like cross-seam bowling, throwing from the boundary on the bounce and shining one side of the ball,” said Misbah. “Whichever team takes care of the ball in a better way is able to exploit more reverse swing. It has become an art, a science now. We should also look at this more carefully so that our bowlers can get this kind of advantage.”

The 42-year old captain stated that Pakistan, being the pioneers of bowling reverse swing, his bowling line is quite inexperienced and do not know how to maintain the ball.

“We have to take care of the ball,” he explained. “Nowadays, there is one bowler in every team who bowls cross-seam to roughen up one side of the ball. So, we need to work on this. England have the advantage with experienced bowlers like [James] Anderson and [Stuart] Broad who know how to take care of the ball and exploit reverse swing. Our bowlers have not played much cricket. They are slowly learning this art and it will take time before they master it.”

Misbah further commented that despite of being 2-1 down in the series and momentum is with their opponents, his team is very much capable of making a comeback.

“They have the momentum but we believe we can comeback because this is a do or die Test match for us,” he said

He further stated, “We need to combine all the performances like we did at Lord’s. Performances are there but we are not translating them into a victory.”

Misbah Ul Haq urged his team to keep the spirits high and they can definitely dominate the hosts, “It will be difficult but not impossible. We cannot write ourselves off. We played really good in the first match, we were below average in the second but in the third Test we were competitive. There are players in our team, if they contribute, we have a good chance in the last Test at The Oval,” he added.