Rizwan-Pillow-Rabri, an elite combination


KARACHI: Mohammad Rizwan has been roaming on social media for two reasons apart from cricket, one is his pillow and the other is his love for Rabri (Porridge). 

A few video clips of Rizwan have gone viral on social media and people are desperate to know the story behind it.

Rabri (Porridge)

Rizwan has often listened behind the stumps talking about Rabri with Nauman Ali who belongs to Hyderabad and Rabri is famous there. During the last day of the second Test against West Indies which Pakistan won by 109 runs, Rizwan was once again listened talking about Rabri with Nauman.

“Let’s have cold Rabri in this immense hot weather. Bowl him [Batsman] a Rabri to let him taste,” he asked Nauman who picked up three wickets in the second inning.


Now, people are curious that whether Rizwan talks about Rabri just for fun or is it a code word between him and Nauman.


Rizwan has often seen with his pillow in videos of traveling released by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). People are discussing it and want to listen to Rizwan about why he carries his pillow every time.


If you have any guesses related to Rizwan-Pillow-Rabri, then let us know below!

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