Ronaldinho’s visit to Pakistan is way bigger than PSL: Kaleemullah

Ronaldinho’s visit to Pakistan is way bigger than PSL: Kaleemullah
Ronaldinho doing his signature celebration move.
Shukriya Pakistan

KARACHI: Pakistan’s star footballer and Tulsa Roughnecks’ striker, Kaleemullah has coined Ronaldinho’s visit to Pakistan much bigger than the glittering Pakistan super League.

“This is the biggest event in Pakistan’s sports history, it is way bigger than Pakistan Super League,” Kaleemullah told Express Tribune. “It is Ronaldinho who is coming here.”

Ronaldinho confirmed his visit to Pakistan earlier in a video, where he was seen holding Pakistan’s flag and saying, “Pakistan, I am coming.”

Kaleemullah who is the ambassador of Leisure League in Pakistan and also ambassador of PSL’s franchise Quetta Gladiators told that it was one of his dreams to share the football field with the great Brazilian footballer and it is about to come true. Moreover, his arrival in Pakistan will be an international event and his fans all around the globe will follow it.

“It was one my fantasies that is about to become real,” he told excitedly.

“But this is not just for Pakistanis; Ronaldinho is such a big name that the entire world will be looking at us because of it — it is an international event in fact. If Ronaldinho can come, then other big names in football will at least think about coming here too. It is more than football for Pakistan. It is a good sign for us; I feel everyone should support it. This will send out a great message to the world, that we are sports-loving, football-loving nation,” he added.

The 24-year old footballer hailed the successful staging of PSL, but he believes that Ronaldinho playing an exhibition game in Pakistan would be a much bigger event

“PSL is a positive step, a professional league, but certainly Ronaldinho’s visit and hopefully playing a match here is a far bigger deal,” said Kaleemullah. “There are few countries in the world that play cricket, but due to his visit, the people from 200 countries will be following us everywhere everyone knows Ronaldinho.”

Ronaldinho was an integral part of Brazil’s FIFA World Cup 2002 winning team. He also played for Barcelona, AC Milan and PSG.

The Brazilian soccer legend won the player of the year award two consecutive times in 2004 and 2005.