Ronaldo statue vandalized


The Portuguese super star, Cristiano Ronaldo, who also plays for Spanish giants Real Madrid got his statue vandalized as the name and number of his rival Lionel Messi was tagged on it in his native Island of Madeira.

Katia Aveiro took this matter into her own hands by strongly criticizing the people involved in this act.


She put up a lengthy post on her official twitter account, translated by Daily Mail, through which she showed here anger and surprise at the people who did this to the biggest icon of the football world.

‘The people that are responsible for this and other negative things directed towards this person should know that our island was recently voted the world’s leading island destination not just for the beautiful sea that surrounds us, nor for the marvellous gastronomy we also have nor the warm Madeiran welcome.

‘It was in part thanks to this great Madeiran figure that honours his origins and from time to time emphasises it in public.

‘Most of us should thank and salute to this man, it’s thanks to him that a lot of Madeirenses still have their jobs.


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