Ronaldo’s dribbling ratio going down


The Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo will be in the thick of things once again as his side Portugal face Hungary in the final group stage match of Euro 2016. Ronaldo’s side can take the easy route to the round of 16 by defeating Hungary but if that is not the case then they will have to rely on other results to go their way in order to stay in contention for the crown.

Ronaldo has been making the headlines since the start of the tournament and is sudden dip in form and failure to score a goal in the first couple of matches has been frustrating for the team and the player himself.

Ronaldo led his club side Real Madrid to the UEFA Champions League title but the fatigue and tiredness has gotten to the player it seems and also keeping in mind that the player is no longer at the peak of his career and has become more of a penalty box player which is evident from the decline in his dribbling per game ratio in La Liga. He now usually scores more goals from inside the box and is a more likely to be a static target for his opponents on the field than before.


Although Ronaldo might not be in his top draw form but the player definitely has the capability to turn the game on his head with a moment of brilliance and this is exactly what his side would be expecting from him tonight.

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