Sana Mir’s team look to replicate Sarfraz’s team’s performance in World Cup

Sana Mir’s team look to replicate Sarfraz’s team’s performance in World Cup

Pakistan women’s team is looking to carry on the inspiring performance of their male counterparts, who have just won Champions Trophy defying all odds.

Pakistan were the lowest ranked team in the recently concluded eight-team tournament, no one backed them to win, but they were the ones who got their hands on the gold.

Pakistan cricket fans are in a state of euphoria and Pakistan women’s captain, Sana Mir wants to give a similar performance in their world cup campaign in England.

“It was something that was needed for the country, we’re such a sports loving country and we have been looking for a big win for a long time now so it’s amazing and the people are very happy,” ICC’s official website quoted Sana Mir.

“The support this time is huge and people are following women’s cricket back home so if we can cause a couple of upsets in our campaign and improve our ranking, it would be great news for our cricket and for Pakistanis,” she added.

Pakistan women’s team have entered the world cup after playing the qualifiers, however, it is expected that they can put up a competitive show in the tournament and the team is feeling the burden of hopes. So they will have to cope up with the pressure.

“It’s more of a mental thing now, it’s about nerves and keeping your cool under pressure,” said Sana Mir. “Those are the areas, especially, that I have been working on as a captain, because when this pressure builds up in a huge tournament and the opposition can intimidate you at times, so if you can hold your nerve at that time you can turn the tables.”

The experienced 31-year old captain is satisfied with her team’s preparation for the big tournament and she is hoping to qualify for their first ever semi-final.

“It’s been pretty good preparation so far. We’ve been here since 2 June and we’ve played some practice matches and the quality of cricket we have played is improving every day so I’m very happy with the way the team is progressing.

“We haven’t played a semi-final of a big tournament as yet so that would be an amazing thing to achieve at this point. At the moment we are at the bottom of the table so to get into the top four or five teams, that’s something we are looking to do in round one.”

Mir believes that her team has an impressive bowling attack, however, they lack a bit in batting department.

“I think the strength in the bowling line-up is quite good and the batting is catching up a bit. Now it’s a balance between the two. The day we pull it off in both departments, that is when we can upset any team.”

Watching CT final

Sana Mir recalled how excited her team was seeing their countrymen dominate their arch-rivals India in the all-important final.

“During the Pakistan innings (in the final) we were practising at Grace Road, and then before lunch we saw the last 10 overs of the Pakistan batting and we were super excited about the way they played,” she shared.

“Then we watched the whole second innings and the bowling performance, it’s wonderful to see the men doing so well,” she told excitedly.