Satire: De Villiers should get ‘Man of the Match’ award instead of Sarfraz: Waqar Younis


After Pakistan defeated South Africa, Pakistan cricket team coach Waqar Younis said he would register a complaint to ICC and would ask them that South Africa captain AB de Villiers top scored in the match therefore he should get the ‘Man of the Match’ award instead of Sarfraz!

“Sarfraz is not a good player he does not has the right technique and he therefore should not get the Man of the Match award. Instead De Villiers should get it since he took only 58 balls to score 77 runs while Sarfraz scored 49 and played 49 balls. Who is better somebody should tell me,” said Waqar.

Waqar added that Umar Akmal would have also caught all catches which Sarfraz caught so therefore it was not a big deal that Sarfraz took six catches, equaling world record of most number of catches in an ODI match.

“It is a pity we picked Sarfraz otherwise Akmal had registered this record,” he said.

“Every match is different and Umar must have also took catches which Sarfraz took so why Sarfraz has been made hero? I am the coach, if I do it my ways, he will not even play against Ireland?” Waqar stressed.

Waqar added that he came under pressure of other members of the team management to pick Sarfraz and his worst nightmares proved correct – that Sarfraz performed.

“But still I say his technique was not right. Scoring runs never suggest that a player has the right technique. Even a baseball player can score runs in a cricket match. So does it mean he is a good batsman? No never and if Sarfraz scores a century against Ireland I would still say it will be a mistake to pick him for quarterfinals,” Waqar explained.

Waqar further said that if Sarfraz help Pakistan win the World Cup, even then he would not like to have him in the team.

“World Cup is a part of cricket and not vice versa. I should go with Nasir Jamshed since he has the right technique… Didn’t you see how gracefully he lost his wicket on all the three occasions. He gave catches in the same manner. This is what class and technique is all about,” he said.

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  1. If someone doing a good job for his side we should apprise him not d-moonrise him and what waqar should help him to more secure place for future.

  2. Brilliantly written satire!!! However in the national
    spirit it is not the right time to publicize such articles.

  3. I Am feeling that this article is fake and just created by the blogger. I m not in favor of waqar younis but by accepting any thing without verification is not right.

  4. We are missing Wasim Akram again, who throw out Waqar from cricket… Such a mad man he is…. We do not need any technique we need runs and victory Mr. Coach.

  5. Waqar you lost all reepect we know pakistan lost 2003 WC poorly .you are politician .shame on your face

  6. Bilal Hussain, do something creative man, don’t play with emotions of people. No body understood your sarcastic humour.

  7. Is coach Waqar is a batsman & keeper specialist. The person who himself was not a batsman in the team. How he passes such remarks related to batting techniques. There is something fishy here.

  8. ARY should stop its filth
    to become champion of religion, and these so called moulvi’s who don’t even
    possess the decree of Fatwa are purporting their opinion over others, and most
    important sitting in women’s lap and eye contacting is what appreciated in
    Islam which these so called Mulla’s were engaged in qualifying race to declare their
    own Fiqh.

    Let’s dissect this claim in
    the light of historical events and Sahih Hadith;

    Hazrat Aisha (a woman) lived in that Hujrah
    for whole of her life, Where Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W, Hazrat Abu Bakar and
    Hazrat Umar was buried.

    It is narrated by Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal that
    before Hazrat Umar was buried in Hazrat Aisha’s room, she would go their
    without Hijab, as Rasool Allah [saww] was her husband and Hazrat Abu Bakr was
    her father. However, when Hazrat Umar got buried there, she would only go in
    the room with Hijab.
    al-Mishkat: Bab ziyarat al-Qubur

    In the middle of the second year after the
    Hijrah, her sister Ruqayyah fell ill with fever and measles. This was shortly
    before the great campaign of Badr. Uthman, her husband, stayed by her bedside
    and missed the campaign. Ruqayyah died just before her father returned. On his
    return to Madinah, one of the first acts of the Prophet was to visit her grave
    and Hazrat Fatimah went with him.

    Hazrat A’isha
    (Allah be pleased with her) used to visit the grave of the Messenger of Allah
    (Allah bless him and give him peace) at all times, and that when she went on
    Hajj she visited the grave of her brother Abd al-Rahman (Allah be pleased with
    him)…” (24: 10)
    This is confirmed by Ibn Nujaym in his al-Bahr al-Ra’iq.Ibn Abidin

    Imam Hakim records:
    Salman ibn Dawud – Ja’far ibn Muhammad – his father (Muhammad ibn Ali) – Ali Ibn
    Husayn – his father (Ali ibn Abi Talib): ‘Fatima daughter of the Holy Prophet
    used to visit the grave of her uncle Hamza every Friday and used to pray and
    weep there’.
    Mustadrak al-Hakim, Volume 3 page 424 Hadith 1345.

    It might have cleared for some who understand Islam and for misguided people like you and your guests, would only pray for your vision.


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