Sehwag murders spirit of commentary with his tasteless humour

Sehwag murders spirit of commentary

Former India’s aggressive opening batsman Virender Sehwag, who is known for his tasteless wit and humour on Twitter, killed the spirit of commentary during warm-up match between India and Bangladesh on Tuesday ahead of the Champions Trophy.

During India’s batting in the game against Bangladesh, he made a comment while commentating, “India practicing with Pota (grandson) before playing Beta (son).”

Sehwag called Pakistan India’s son before the two arch-rivals take on each other on Sunday, June 4 at Edgbaston in a Champions Trophy contest.

The 38-year old seems to have a habit of making jokes that end up in a bad taste. He keeps on taunting Pakistani as well as other cricketers on Twitter with hardly any response from the other end.

Earlier, Sehwag did not even spare a girl named Gurmehar Kaur whose father died during Kargil war. She uploaded a video on social media to spread peace between the two nations by blaming war for his father’s death, not Pakistan.

In the video, the girl conveyed a message that she hated Pakistan for killing her father before her mother made her understand that Pakistan did not kill her dad, war killed him.

Sehwag took an indecent dig at the girl and tweeted, “I didn’t score two triple centuries, my bat did”.