Sethi announces ‘revolutionizing’ club cricket project

Sethi announces ‘revolutionizing’ club cricket project
Najam Sethi. (FILE PHOTO: AFP)
Shukriya Pakistan

KARACHI: The chairman executive committee of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Najam Sethi announced the club cricket project which according to him can be ‘revolutionizing’ for Pakistan cricket.

Sethi revealed during a press conference that the PCB has approved a budget of Rs. 70 million for the project . A cycle of this project will take around six months to complete. It will be divided into five stages.

Stage 1:

The first stage will feature 2,849 club teams from 97 districts of the country at the first stage.

Stage 2:

From the competitions of first stage, almost 1,460 teams will qualify to the next stage from those 97 districts of Pakistan.

Stage 3:

At this stage there will be 97 district club champions will be crowned.

Stage 4:

From those 97 district club champions, sixteen regional champions will emerge.

Stage 5:

This is the final stage where one club will stand as the national champion.

Najam Sethi is hoping that around 40,000 to 45,000 young cricketers will take part in these tournaments and there will be no complaints from cricketers that they did not get the deserved opportunity.

Currently, the district level tournaments only have around 4,000 players, so the project will increase the pool of talent big time.

“With this championship, we will give an opportunity to everyone to come forward and prove themselves” said Najam Sethi during press conference.

“There will be no allegations on PCB or on clubs that many cricketers do not get a chance to play because of lack of opportunities,” he added.

Najam Sethi claimed that this championship will prove to be more important than Quaidi-i-Azam Trophy, which is the most prestigious tournament of domestic cricket.

“We will look for sponsors for the project as well, but, even if we do not get it will be our own PCB’s championship,” he concluded.