Sethi’s appointment as PCB chairman challenged in court

Najam Sethi
Shukriya Pakistan

Advocate Nasir Iqbal has challenged Najam Sethi’s chairmanship of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in Lahore High Court, his stance is that Sethi’s appointment as PCB chairman is against the board’s constitution.

Najam Sethi was recently elected as the replacement of the former PCB chief Shahryar Khan as he completed his three-year long tenure.

However, Nasir Iqbal says that Najam Sethi’s and Arif Aijaz’s Board of Governors’ membership was expired on July 9, whereas the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who was also the Patron-in-Chief of the board, gave them the extension. Whereas, the new members were suggested on August 6, Khan was still the PCB and during his running chairmanship, new members cannot take charge.

According to the petitioner, Nawaz Sharif got disqualified as prime minister in July, thus all his orders to the cricket board also became null and void.

Similarly, the notification released by the Prime Minister of Sethi’s and Aijaz’s extension can also not be implemented. Thus, the appointment of Najam Sethi as the new chairman of the board should also be reversed.