Shahadat Hossain apologizes for his ‘misdeed’


Bangladesh fast bowler, Shahadat Hossain, who was charged for physically abusing a 11 year old girl, employed as a maid at his home, has apologized for his act and requested to the board and nation to allow him to return to the game.

Shahadat didn’t accept his offense at the beginning, but, he has expressed regret for his wrongdoing and coined it as a ‘misdeed’.

Shahadat Hossain apologized to the whole Bengali nation in his native language, “I regret the unwarranted incident I was involved in and apologize to the whole nation.”

Hossain stated that cricket is his bread and butter and that is why he wants to return to the game. He asked pardon from the whole Bengali nation and the BCB, he appealed his fans and the board to give him a chance to rectify his mistake.

Shahadat Hossain and his wife tortured the little girl last year in September, the girl was found crying on a road side and her eyes were bruised and swollen, Police also stated that the couple has burned her hand with some hot cooking implement.

The couple was hiding from the Police when they raided their house, however, the fast bowler surrendered to Police in December and since then he along with his wife are released on bail.

As per the court, if the allegations are proven right, they can face a 14 year jail sentence. However, as per reports, the girl’s family has settled the matter with the cricket on some financial grounds and they may withdraw the case now.

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